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The BajaBoard Would Make Your Life Way More Fun

By Victor Baker


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Anyone else remembers the 1980s? We sure do, and it was a cool decade to be a kid in, although some people might say certain things were missing – I am talking to you, Dr. Brown, and your infernal DeLorean. Most of us are well in our 20s right now, or even more than that, but we may still let the child within loose and enjoy some funky toys, such as the BajaBoard.

If you’ve ever asked yourselves what could be better than a skateboard, you have the answer right here. An electric skateboard would probably do the trick, and that’s just what the BajaBoard is offering, but with a wonderful twist. The odd yet appealing result of an ATV crossed with a snowboard, this thing packs a 600Wh or 900Wh battery and will easily reach as much as 31 miles per hour.


Packing 10″ pneumatic tires paired with independent suspension for each wheel, the 4WD board is able to do and handle anything you could through at it – as long as your ride takes up to 18 miles. Moreover, you’ll get realtime feedback on your speed, battery life, and throttle right through the remote’s LCD screen.

But the BajaBoard also comes with LED headlights and taillights, which might help you in the dark a little, while looking all kinds of cool! At the end of the day, this wonderful 4WD electric board will set you back $3,000.


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