Atelier d’Orient by Tom Ford

One of the great names of all time in the world of fashion, Tom Ford, has also enticed us with all sorts of accessories, designer’s wear and a total of 38 fragrances, among which there is the famous Private Blend range. The most recent thing conceived by Tom Ford is the Atelier d’Orient collection of 4 exquisite fragrances, all odes to the Orient.

There’s the Shanghai Lily fragrance, which features glamorous floral-oriental notes mixed with vanilla, frankincense and spices. This piece is a tribute to the ancient Silk Road and to the world of Indian spices. The next one is the Plum Japonais – this one is more complex, encompassing blends of exotic Asian ingredients and exquisite floral scents.

The third is the one Tom Ford named Fleur de Chine. It is inspired specifically by femme fatales from old Chinese movies, through floral fragrances and seductive essences. The last, but definitely not the least, is the Rive d’Ambreis. The newest of the four, it’s a take on the classic Eau de Cologne. Extremely seductive but topped by citric notes above an amber base, this expresses delicacy as good as it exudes self confidence.

According to Fragrantica: “All four fragrances of the Atelier d’Orient collection are available as 50 ml or 250 ml Eau de Parfum, packaged in the traditional shaped flacons of the Private Blend line, with deep amber-colored glass and gold-toned labels.”