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Grand Vintage Rosé 2004 by Moët & Chandon

They’ve recently introduced the Grand Vintage 2004 yet they’ve got even better aces up their sleeves. Moët & Chandon, one of the world’s producers of most exquisite champagnes, has turned up with Grand Vintage Rosé, the 39th vintage rosé champagne to be released Moët & Chandon since 1920.

Connoisseurs know the Grand Vintage bottles are only made during years with exceptional harvests. One of those years was 2004, as the so-important rainfall and the balmy summer have helped the brand in putting together the Grand Vintage Rosé and the Grand Vintage. The Grand Vintage Rosé 2004 has been undergoing an aging process for seven years and has been blessed with notes of dark chocolate, dried figs, black currant, spices and blackberry.

Benoît Gouez, Chef de Cave at Moët & Chandon, describes: “Grand Vintage Rosé 2004 is a voluptuous, playful and delicate champagne which tells the story not only of the exceptional 2004 harvest year, but also of the House’s more than two centuries of savoir-faire in crafting rosé champagne. Known for their precious, profound and sophisticated style, Moët & Chandon’s range of rosé champagnes pairs particularly well with bold, intensely flavored dishes and are the perfect accompaniment to celebrate special moments throughout the year.”



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