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Angel Super Star Eau de Parfum by Thierry Mugler in Brosse bottle

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The first thing to pop up into your head when willing to acquire a gift for your beloved would be a perfume. Now, this will of course be strictly related to the amount your pockets can hold, as we’ve both seen bottles of fragrance costing 6-digit figures or 2-digit ones. This is also fully dependant on the type of lady you’re aiming at. Here’s a good solution to your so-called problems though – the Angel Eau de Parfum, a limited edition diamond-shaped bottle embellished with Swarovski Crystals all over.

The bottle was manufactured by Brosse in France, an exclusive workshop with acclaimed glassmakers. If you’re loving haute couture, this bottle will definitely have you jaw-dropped. In addition, if purchased, it comes with a certificate of authenticity. Getting to the content, it is a superbly glamorous scent with notes of tropical fruits, patchouli, bergamot, caramel and vanilla.

Having been created back in 1992, the Angel perfume puts together Thierry Mugler’s childhood memories, the first Oriental-Gourmand to move the foundations of perfumery. The Angel Eau de Parfum even manages to awaken the dormant femme fatale in every representative of the mild gender, turning her into a truly glamorous star. It even reaches a the state when its mystery “continues to perpetuate the myth.” Thierry Mugler further explains the Angel Universe: “In the beginning was Angel – the Gourmand Fragrance that became a legend.”

Of course, if you’re willing to acquire one of these, it won’t come cheap. The Angel Super Star Perfume by Thierry Mugler in the gorgeous diamond-bottle manufactured by Brosse bears the price tag of $3,000. In case you’re looking forward to buying something a lot cheaper, the Alien Seductive Temptation set costs $135 and contains a perfume, shower gel and radiant body lotion.

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