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Amazing home in Cape Yamu, Phuket, Thailand: Villa Verai

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This is definitely one of the most amazing residences in the entire Thailand, located in Phuket, Cape Yamu, Villa Verai is a dream home for most of us. Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the Phang Nar bay from every room of the gorgeous mansion, the residence being faced by a 100-meter long beach.

The designers, builders and architects, including the fabled Debbie Oppenheimer, haven’t relied on any restrictions regarding furnishing prices. Being built over 10,000 square meters of superb gardens, plus owning one of the largest swimming pools in Phuket, the villa features 7 en-suite bedrooms, a spa, gym, plus an ultimate movie theatre.

It also boasts 3-people staff rooms and two hotel-standard kitchens. The home also sports unique pieces of artwork, which can easily entice any art-lovers. The island landscapes were the filming locations of famous movies, like “The man with the golden gun” and “The Beach”. The limestone-encased island is one place where you would surely like to live.

The private infinity pool is the largest on the island, being built not only for swimming, but also for fitness. Along this, a steam spa, theatre movie room and a gym are great places to spend your time. Furthermore, the new Como Resort is to be opened soon, thus putting at your disposal a large spa, small marina and tennis courts.

The villa’s total living space stretches over 4,500 square meters, both on the inside and outside. The sense of lightness and freedom is highlighted by huge windows and tall ceilings, the floors being beautifully made of limestone. The main living hall offers is able to offer dining for up to 10 guests. Besides this, a large office, movie room and a private lounge offer even more places for recreation.

The master bedroom on the other hand, of the 7 total bedrooms, shares incredible views through immense panoramic windows. Each of the bedrooms boasts its own private bathroom, in case of emergency. By far the most pleasurable place to be in the villa is the master en-suite, with a large circular tub, hers/his washbasins, plus a huge power shower unit.

The bathrooms also share views over the Phang Nar. The two large kitchens are describable in one word: perfect. They feature any amenity or appliance you may need, no restrictions. The main kitchen can be compared to five-star hotel kitchens, while the smaller kitchen belongs to the staff quarters. In addition to these, the fully equipped manager’s office is the place to command the whole villa.

In financial terms, the residence is available at $18.7 million, being currently sold by Exotic Phuket. Enjoy the photos!


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