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Explore Asia with the Eastern & Oriental Express Train

As a premiere throughout our pages, we present an incredibly beautiful way to travel and explore new places for the rich, wealthy and not only. The Eastern & Oriental Express luxury train is a superb invitation for everyone to explore the beauty and wonders of Asia.

Traveling from Thailand to Laos, Malaysia and Singapore, it features three grades of luxurious private cabins, all of them encased with cherry wood and elm burr. During the day, travelers can sit on a plush banquet-style sofa, while at night it can be converted into cozy beds.

Of course, to let us gorge into the breathtaking landscapes, the carriages provide huge panoramic windows, accompanied by comfort-inducing amenities, like private bathroom with shower and air conditioning. The atmosphere during this travel can easily match your home-comfort. If you’re willing to try different culinary experiences, the cabins can also serve as dining spots.

After the meal, you may want to join co-travelers in the open-air Observation Car, and from there out to exciting outdoor adventures. This train is as exquisite as a private resort in the middle of the Pacific, but offering way more for the adventurous characters. Anyhow, please, don’t be late! You may miss an extraordinary adventure.



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