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Airstream Globetrotter Goes Back To The Company’s Roots

Airstream Globetrotter

Honoring Airstream’s unique history and legacy in RV manufacturing, the company’s new Globetrotter camper brings back the iconic riveted aluminum look, almost 70 years after founder Wally Byam and his friend traveled through Europe in an Airstream silver bullet, with the words “Globe Trotters” gracing its exterior.

Today, that iconic name has been brought to life once again with this new 27-foot trailer, built in collaboration with the renowned UK design studio Astheimer Limited. Designed to capture the spirit of the traveling, the new Airstream Globetrotter shows off some European charm mixed with a modern design and cool features.

Airstream Globetrotter

The end result is an elegant travel trailer that sleeps up to six people within a gorgeous interior that promises comfort and as much space as possible. The clean and minimalist interiors feature contemporary sophistication, with premium finishes and fixtures, such as sleek aluminum walls, panoramic windows, exquisite cabinets, wrap-around upholstery, recessed speakers, and backlighting throughout.

Future customers might also get an optional 80-watt solar package and they’re welcomed to make their choice between a dark walnut and natural elm theme, with four color palates to pick from: blue, cream, grey, or slate. The price for one of these Globetrotters? $99,900!

Airstream Globetrotter


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