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A Bentley Golf Clubs Set Sounds Like A Hole In One

Bentley Golf Clubs Set

Bentley’s unique car design language is unquestionable, easily recognizable and way too stylish to put into words properly. But have you ever wondered what would a set of exquisite golf irons, designed by the same brand, look like?

You won’t have to, as the designers from the luxury carmaker are creating a set of top-of-the-line, expensive golf clubs, for no other reason than the simple fact they can. The Bentley golf clubs are classy one-piece forged irons, with a set of eight costing $3,500.

Once you add the driver ($750) and the flat stick ($500), you’ll end up paying $5,000 for a complete set.

Bentley Golf Clubs Set

Since these clubs are going to wear the Bentley badge, they have to come with various customization options and of course, you realize this will cost extra. Customers may choose different grips, including alligator skin, $800 ball markers, as well as custom shafts from Seven Dreamers.

The aforementioned company is known for delivering high-end materials for golf shafts, crafted out of the same materials satellites are made of. As such, the price-tag for some of the most exclusive Bentley golf clubs might actually reach $120,000.

Bentley Golf Clubs Set


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