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The Dammuso Estate Is A €6,300,000 Virgin Paradise

By Victor Baker


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Dating back to the medieval times, the splendid Dammuso estate can be found in Scauri, Italy, perched right atop of a hill. Completely renovated and restored, this wonderful Sicilian property allows both owners and guests to enjoy breathtaking views of the Mediterrean sea.

To make sure that experience is truly unforgettable, the estate features a large infinity pool among a Mediterranean-style garden filled with olive trees, grapes and capers’ plants.

Actually, there is more than one building on the property, each of them coming with different characteristics: living rooms with fireplaces and spacious exterior living areas, bedrooms with ceramic floor and white walls, and so on. There are also colorful bathrooms, with modern facilities, as well as laundry rooms, several garages and a lobby on site.

Inside, the biggest building comes with an old flour mill with wooden gears, perfectly restored and functioning. Every single building from the Dammuso Estate boasts a cane roof and exterior water tanks. A wood-burning oven and a well inside the kitchen is what old-school architecture and legacy is all about, not to mention a welcoming atmosphere. All of that, and more, can be found in the central building on this property.

But this home is not really about rugged living, but the charm of the Mediterranean. The heating system, with radiators , is powered by solar panels, while all buildings are connected to the network and the electricity grid.

Just imagine there are 15 bedrooms and a total living area of 1,215 m2 / 13,078 Sq Ft. with so much beauty ready to be admired and enjoyed. If you can pay the right price of course, and that is exactly €6,300,000.


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