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An Aerion AS2 Supersonic Jet Will Set You Back $120 Million

By Victor Baker


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Aerion AS2

The up and coming supersonic jet-maker Aerion has recently announced that Flexjet has decided to order 20 examples of the Aerion AS2. The flight-service provider is the first fleet operator to do so, which is odd since this is actually the first passenger supersonic jet unveiled since 2003.

With each jet priced at $120 million, we’re starting to get the idea. According to Aerion, the AS2 will accommodate 8 to 12 passengers in a 30-foot-long cabin and get them to their destination at breathtaking speeds of up to Mach 1.5 (990 mph).

Featuring an incredible range of up to 5,466 miles, the Aerion AS2 cuts transatlantic travel time by 3 hours and trans-Pacific ones by 6 hours, if not more.

Aerion AS2

The two companies will apparently work together to design a custom, premium cabin interior for the Flexjet fleet. Aerion also announced that its partnership with Airbus Group has grown, and the company is now looking for a site to build a manufacturing facility.

With Airbus contributing to the program, which includes engineering, logistics planning, and management support, things are looking up for the aircraft manufacturer from Nevada. The first flight with an Aerion AS2 is expected in 2021, while deliveries to Flexjet and other buyers will have to wait until 2023.

Aerion AS2


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