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Yamaha Unveils The Incredible MWT-9 Multi-Wheeler Concept

By Victor Baker


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MWT-9 Multi-Wheeler Concept

Yamaha impressed everyone who attended the Tokyo Motor Show with their all-new MWT-9 concept, a gorgeous bike inspired by the MT-09 motorcycle, which brings back into the spotlight an older Yamaha “dream”, specifically the leaning three-wheeler.

This is not a new topic, but definitely an increasingly popular one, so Yamaha might actually go in the right direction with this stunning concept.

Obviously, people are expecting some serious performance from a a bike derived from the powerful MT-09, which – according to Yamaha – translates into an 849 cc triple-cylinder engine and power comparable to the MT-09: 115 horsepower and 87.5 Nm (64.5 lb-ft).

MWT-9 Multi-Wheeler Concept

The Yamaha MWT-9 will also feature dual forks mounted on the outside, possibly for accurately tracking in turns, and probably a 6-speed transmission. Let’s just hope that Yamaha throws in a steering damper, so that the experience of riding the bike proves really exiting.

On an aesthetic level, the Yamaha MWT-9 looks menacing, compact and fast – anything you’ll ever want from a bike. No one knows yet ifthis amazing concept will include self-balancing as well, but rumor has it that Yamaha saw this as pampering – so, it’s out. If it ever goes into mass production, this bike will be exciting, fun and a little bit dangerous as well.

MWT-9 Multi-Wheeler Concept

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