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Feel The Romantic Vibe At La Sultana Oualidia

By Victor Baker


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La Sultana Oualidia

Another day, another dreamy hotel from a magical corner of the Earth. This time we’re heading to La Sultana Oualidia, a mesmerizing 11-room retreat located on the coast of Morocco. This exclusive heaven offers long days of African sunshine and long nights of relaxation and romance, with access to a secluded beach and an immense carved-stone spa.

Relaxation takes many forms at La Sultana Oualidia, but its superb surroundings and amazing activities offered are also worth checking out. You can try out surfing, sail-boarding or scuba diving, even though sunbathing and chilling out on your private terrace sounds way better to me.

La Sultana Oualidia

And, if you thought your day couldn’t get any better, evenings at La Sultana Oualidia usually prove you wrong. How does an outdoor dinner of fresh-caught lobster, crab, and world-famous local oysters sound? The sublime atmosphere gets even better at night when you check out the pool. And what about the rooms, you say?

Well, sleeping arrangements in any of those 11 rooms and suites are beyond incredible. With each room unique and  featuring nothing but natural materials, from the oleander ceilings to the ancient marble floors, these rooms will make you feel amazing, even when you’re sleeping. Your sea-water Jacuzzi might actually keep you up, though.

La Sultana Oualidia

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