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The dazzling Vacheron Constantin Heure Audacieuse

By Victor Baker


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Vacheron Constantin Heure Audacieuse

The newest timepiece from Vacheron Constantin’s Heures Créatives collection is called L’Heure Audacieuse, representing a stunning piece that’s meant to honor the independent woman of the 70s.

Set with 172 baguette-cut diamonds, this sizzling diamond watch actually blends three artistic styles, mixing the 1970s with Art Nouveau and Art Deco, in a gorgeous design that will surely turn a lot of heads on the streets.

L’Heure Audacieuse is an avant-garde model, featuring magnified dimensions and curved dynamics, marking the return of stylistic devices. With a crisp and clean look, this watch looks and feels exclusive, the minute you take a look at it.

Heure Audacieuse

The Vacheron Constantin Heure Audacieuse will be available in two different versions, one of them showing off the 172 baguette-cut diamonds totaling 11.30 carats, while the other comes with snow-set round-cut diamonds. The master gemsetter from Vacheron Constantin has nestled the precious stones against each other, thus covering the entire white gold surfae.

Furthermore, the winding crown was hidden under the black satin strap, matching the color of the satin-finish varnished dial.  Amazing, it’s it?

Vacheron Constantin Heure Audacieuse

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