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Casa Flotanta Is The Tree-house You Never Had

By Victor Baker


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Casa Flotanta

We’ve all been there, young kids looking for something to call our own. Away from the grown-ups and all their rules, the tree-house was the place to be and hang out with your friends. Oddly enough, once we get older, we dream about the same thing, which is probably why the Casa Flotanta is so appealing.

This dream tree house became a reality on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, thanks to the brilliant mind of Benjamin Garcia Saxe. The architect managed to transform the steep slope of a hill into a welcoming location for Casa Flotanta, a stunning tree-house that seems to be floating over its surrounding  environment

Casa Flotanta

Completed back in 2013, Casa Flotanta was suspended among the trees and skipping soil retention walls, thus saving up costs and lowering the environmental impact of the creation. The marvelous tree house was designed around a module layout, with its various rooms and spaces connected together by “flying bridges” that float over the natural landscape below.

As you could imagine, the home had to be fabricated off-site and then brought up with a crane. But don’t think for a second that Casa Flotanta is for sale – this is someone’s dream tree-house, complete with incredible accommodations and views. If you dream big and would love to own a tree home home like this one, feel free to look up Benjamin Garcia Saxe and share your dreams with him.

Casa Flotanta

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