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World’s Most Expensive Speakers: D&W Aural Pleasure Cast in Gold

By Adrian Prisca


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One of the most intriguing launches of the last days – the D&W Aural Pleasure Cast in Gold have been recently unveiled by Hart Audio. Worth a mind-boggling £3 million or $4.7 million, they are the latest creations of Hart Audio. The Aural Pleasure are part of a limited edition, of just 105 pairs – 99 of them are decked in bronze, 5 in sterling silver and this one, weighing 100kg, is crafted from solid 18 carat gold.

Their design is based on the ancient bell-founding art and comes to intimately connect with top notch acoustic technology for the clearest of sounds. Sitting on a single column stand with a flared base for better stability, each cabinet weighs a whopping 50 kg in weight (110 lbs) without drivers.

They sport 3 speaker drive units, the main driver delivering bass and midrange sounds, while also comprising a tweeter in its middle, for treble, plus an additional upper-placed driver that the producer describes as a super tweeter, which can deliver a huge array of frequencies, adding to the quality of this system’s sound and covering virtually all audio formats.

On a technical approach, the speakers feature an impedance of 5 Ohms, frequency range from 47 Hz to 37 kHz (+- 4dB & 39 Hz – 47 kHz +- 10db), a sensibility range of 97 dB 1W at 1 meter. These technical data and their conformation are good reasons for them to be placed in the room’s corners.

As we’ve mentioned above, the gold edition costs £3 million or $4.7 million, while the bronze version is priced at a mere £40,000 – $62,800. The Silver edition is also a bit expensive, costing £200,000 ($313,900).

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