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World’s First All-Diamond 150-Carat Ring Revealed

By Adrian Prisca


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It’s hard to realize if this is either a piece of artistry, a real jewel or just a trifle for those that can’t decide where to spend their money, but one thing is certain. It’s a first and a record – the first ring in the world made entirely of diamond. The extremely precious accessory weighs 150 carats and it’s made of a single chunk of diamond.

It was designed and imagined by the president and CEO of the Swiss Shawish Jewelry, Mohamed Shawesh. The carving process took an entire year, with no settings of any sorts involved in the construction. The manufacturers have used multi-pronged techniques, along with traditional polishing and laser-cutting to achieve this unique masterpiece. In addition, there will be no look-alike for the moment, because its design has already been copyrighted.

The ring has been presented at Baselworld and it can be bought for the mind-boggling sum of $70 million. The buying process of the item will surely be a headline for newspapers and media all around the world.


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