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The Tushek Renovatio T500 supercar is here

By Adrian Prisca


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I’m pretty sure Tushek Supercars is a new name for you as well, a supercar manufacturer based in Slovenia that’s ready to impress everyone in the world with their newest creation. Tushek has recently presented an impressive car which they called the “Tushek Renovatio T500”.

The supercar packs quite a punch, accelerating from naught to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and reaching a top speed of 193 mph (310 km/h). This is partly possible thanks to a lightweight carbon fiber and composite body and partly to the Audi V8 engine, which delivers 444 HP.

In addition, the vehicle boasts an aggressive look, but the interior totally contrasts with it. It’s actually calm and comfortable, lined in leather and alcantara, with carbon fiber touches from here to there, ensuring luxury and coziness.

Although it’s a silent appearance and doesn’t rival directly to other renowned cars in the same class, its design definitely keeps staying locked in your mind if you get to see one. We encourage, on this occasion, this boutique supercar manufacturer to tend to similar projects as many times life makes it possible for them. We truly fancy this vehicle.


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