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W Dubai – The Palm is the Newest Gorgeous Addition on Palm Jumeirah

By Vlad Craciun


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W Hotels Worldwide have just opened their newest hotel, the mesmerizing W Dubai – The Palm. As its name suggests, the new luxury hotel is located on the world’s largest man made island, Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. This high-end hotel combines the vibrant style of W Hotels, expressive design and world class restaurants, offering an eclectic experience to their clientele.

Inspired by the evolution of some of the most dynamic cities in the world, W Dubai – The Palm’s design incorporates the iconic “W” symbol representing an evaporated desert river bed, a five story atrium decorated with golden trusses of framed boxes sparkle resembling the different stages of modern construction in Dubai and the attention grabbing fixture at the entrance, dubbed “The Soundwave”, a 6.5 ton, 30 m long visual vector which resembles a sound wave.


Beyond the extravagant design features, the hotel impresses through the 350 lavish guest rooms and suites, adorned with modern Arabic graffiti inspired by the lyrics of a famous song by the Lebanese singer Fairouz.

Then there are the countless amenities offering guests maximum relaxation and pleasure with multiple pools constructed in a wave like pattern, the brand’s signature AWAY Spa, treatment and steam rooms, sauna, the experiential showers, high end gym, a hammam, a beach and superb views of the Dubai skyline around.

W Dubai – The Palm offers a lot more in terms of culinary experiences, with quite a few restaurants with world class chefs such as the Italian Massimo Bottura or the Japanese Akira Back.


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