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Leica and Master & Dynamic Team up for Leica 0.95: The Silver Edition

Leica 0.95 The Silver Edition

Master & Dynamic and Leica have joined hands once again, to create the stunning Leica 0.95: The Silver Edition. This signature collection lives on with the MH60s and MH40s headphones and the ME05s earphones, continuing the partnership’s plan of blending perfect sound with photo perfection.

Inspired by Leica’s incredible Noctilus-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH lens once again, the silver edition comes with a sleek silver shade instead of the original black look. I can’t help but feel taken back in time, when silver cameras and headphones were something usual, although we are dealing with state of the art equipment here. Is it just me?

Leica 0.95 The Silver Edition

Leica is known for an incredible attention to materials, fine craftsmanship, detail, and of course, technology. The patina that develops over time with used Leica cameras is something that owners, and possibly the company, are proud of. The Silver Edition collection keeps that in mind while the iconic Leica colorways complement Master & Dynamic’s marvelous audio creations.

This collaboration merges the very best technology in photography and audio; there’s no surprise there, as expectations are really high when two big companies join hands on a common project. We all know that the Master & Dynamic for 0.95 signature collection sounds incredible, but I think we can all agree that it now looks better than ever before.

Leica 0.95 The Silver Edition


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