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Vilner Makes The Mercedes-AMG S63 Even More Incredible

Mercedes-AMG S63

Did you have the privilege to enjoy the comforts and luxury of a Mercedes-AMG S63 first hand? If you’ve already driven this beast, or if you’ve at least been on for a ride, you probably know by now that nothing compares to this unique experience.

But the Bulgarian refining specialists from a company called Vilner thought they could make the S63 AMG even more appealing, which is why we’re now standing in front of this updated version, dubbed as “The King”.

The most obvious difference between this S63 AMG and a ‘standard’ one – if you could ever call this beast standard – is the exquisite quilted black leather covering the floor mats, seats, headrests and headliner, complete with white contrast stitching. The designers from Vilner are taking things to the next level, once again!

Mercedes-AMG S63

Furthermore, inside the cabin, the lucky owner of this beauty will now find a fitting amount of black Alcantara, on the steering wheel and parts of the headliner, and please note the Piano Gloss Black accents replacing the standard wood trim, as well as a trunk completely overwhelmed by Alcantara.

I’m guessing that taking on the Mercedes-AMG S63 is quite a challenge, as the expectations are great and there is no room for error. However, Vilner hasn’t disappointed us yet – and that includes the incredibly opulent Mercedes in front of you. Would you agree?

Mercedes-AMG S63


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