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A Wonderful Surprise: The new Louis Vuitton Race Bags

Louis Vuitton Race Bags

We’re sure no was expecting to see Louis Vuitton coming up with these gorgeous racing-inspired handbags, but we can all applaud the French label’s unique ideas and exciting creations right now. Part of the brand’s 2017 cruise line, these race bags seem to be inspired by the eye catching team jackets from NASCAR, that just look super cool, with many advertising patches and competing colors that make every team stand out.

With little consideration for aesthetic gentility or traditional design norms, this idea seemed really interesting for Louis Vuitton, and the French brand probably took a page out of that playbook with these bold and bright Louis Vuitton Race Bags.

Louis Vuitton Race Bags

Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere has played around with cool color combinations and angles, with a colorful monogram trim acting as a finishing touch. Surprisingly, these Louis Vuitton Race Bags seem to match current trends, while adding a touch of sophistication to our taste.

The blue Speedy, Neverfull and Alma BB Bags could easily be part of your new wardrobe, allowing you to stand out of a crowd and help you make a statement about speed and style.

In terms of pricing, the Louis Vuitton Race Neverfull Tote costs $1,570, the Louis Vuitton Race Alma Bag and BB Bag are priced at $2,680 and $2,140, the Louis Vuitton Race Speedy Bag costs $2,510, while the Louis Vuitton Race Petite Malle Clutch is the most expensive of all, setting you back a cool $5,750.

Louis Vuitton Race Bags


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