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The Quadrofoil Q2S Is A Superb Personal Watercraft

By Victor Baker


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Quadrofoil Q2S

Unveiled just a couple of days before Christmas, the Quadrofoil Q2S might be the world’s most interesting personal watercraft, a limited-run machine that’s… fully electric! This stylish watercraft is actually a two-seater, so you can also bring a friend or your significant other along for the ride, in a vessel that uses highly advanced naval technology.

Produced in Slovenia, the Q2S comes with special wings, which were based upon thoughtfully-designed C‐shape hydrofoils that can glide on the surface of the water at over 12 km / h (6.5 knots). That sounds like fun, but the ‘Q2S’ will excite its passengers thanks to an incredible 40 km/h top speed, cutting through the waves with ease and precision.

The high-performance trimaran-influenced hull was crafted from composite materials, offering brilliant hydro and aerodynamics, as well as comfort and maneuverability.

Quadrofoil Q2S

The limited edition electric hydrofoil is powered by two lithium‐ion battery packs, able to recharge in just three to four hours and controlled by a bespoke battery management system. The Quadrofoil Q2S also comes with a sophisticated ergonomic cockpit, which benefits from a touch of prestige straight from the automotive industry, while delivering impressive visibility and comfort.

By placing all of the basic functions just within reach, the future owners of this beauty will wave total control on every turn. The formula 1-inspired steering wheel seems like a nice touch as well, but we’re totally mesmerized by those amazing wings. Unfortunately we don’t have any pricing info at the moment, but you could always contact Quadrofoil to find out more.

Quadrofoil Q2S

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