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Are You Prepared To Experience The Unique Terelj Hotel?

By Victor Baker


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Terelj Hotel

Believe it or not, this is actually the first time we’re featuring a hotel from Mongolia on Luxatic, and what an incredible hotel it is! Called Terelj, this five-star retreat has been specially designed to be a luxurious and sophisticated starting point for anyone who wants to explore the untouched splendors of Mongolia.

A palatial residence nestled right in the heart of the country’s Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, this stunning hotel allows guests to take in as much of the majesty of the Mongolian culture as possible. Leaving the city life behind, and with the Terelj River and the rugged grandeur of the mountains nearby, you will surely appreciate this jewel and the raw beauties it is surrounded by.

Terelj Hotel

The guestrooms on offer here boast an attractive blend of traditional and modern touches, including cool marble floors, antique furnishings, and local art. Sure, the stunning views of the Mongolian countryside will not damage this unique visual effect, but you are more than welcomed to experience them first hand.

Visitors are able to explore the pristine landscape nearby while riding a horse, or they can also go on one of the hotel’s planned excursions to find out more about the region’s unique culture and history. Upon your return to the Terelj hotel, seasonal delicacies such as a Mongolian barbecue with a French twist, will await to tease your senses and make you beg for more.

Life is good in this remote part of the world, especially if you end your day with the relaxing atmosphere of the Tea Lounge, Cigar Lounge, or the hotel’s Cocktail Lounge. Are you ready to discover Mongolia?

Terelj Hotel

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