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Vessel is the Hammock-Bath Combination We’ve All Dreamed About

By Georgiana Grama


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There’s nothing like kicking back in a cozy hammock, but what if you could possibly combine that experience with hot water and bubbles? That sounds like a brilliant idea for a brand new bath design, right? Luckily for us, UK manufacturer Splinter Works has already thought about this and unveiled a brand new bath design in the form of “Vessel”.

Combining two major symbols of relaxation, a traditional hammock and a bathtub, this gorgeous bath tub was conceived for use in a wet room, with its ends attached to the adjacent walls with stainless steel brackets, so that it looks like it hovers above the ground. This hammock bath can be also customized between eight and a half and 10 feet in length so it could fit any space.

The sculptural bathtub is made from layers of carbon fiber, with a foam core that insulates the bath and keeps it warm longer than normal. According to Splinter Works, its sloping shape was designed with maximum comfort in mind, offering plenty of space in which you can kick back and escape, while avoiding the flat bottoms and steep backs of other tubs.

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But since it’s floating above the floor, the bath’s plumbing is a bit more “transparent” than your average bathtub. A sleek, standing tap fills this tub with hot water and once you’re all done, wastewater is released right on a floor drain located directly beneath the base. Even so, the hammock bath takes the art of relaxation and your bathing experience to a completely new level.

Pricing for one of these Vessels depends on the size and finish. You can choose to have it finished in bronze, silver and many other colors, but that will mostly likely take you a bit over $34,000, which is the standard price for this hammock bath. And if you like out of the box ideas, Splinter Works also makes incredible pool slides, twisty chaise loungers and industrial-looking kitchens and cabinets.

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