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Vertu Reveals The Aster Yosegi Wood Limited Edition Smartphone

By Victor Baker


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Aster Yosegi Wood

The Vertu Aster collection now features a new addition, which blends ancient Japanese craft with a quintessentially English smartphone. Vertu used once again innovative technologies and high-quality materials for its latest limited edition phone, dubbed  as the Aster Yosegi Wood.

The new luxury phone joins the other special editions of the Vertu Aster: Calf, Ostrich, Stingray, Python, Alligator and Quilt, with its name “Yosegi” representing a form of traditional Japanese marquetry. That’s the inspiration behind the lovely wooden strips, made of Basswood, dyed in different colors and carefully laminated together.

The resulting large wooden block is then shaved off, revealing the intricate Yosegi pattern. Only the most highly trained and dedicated Japanese craftsman are aware of the nuances of the process, which makes this exquisite phone even more special.

Aster Yosegi Wood

Vertu selected a Checkerboard (Ichimatsu-Ajiro) Yosegi pattern, which combines traditional designs inspired by bamboo weaves and fishnets. This seems to match the current trend for woven materials that’s present in all industries, from fashion accessories to interior design and architecture.

The Aster Yosegi Wood phone also features a beige and black calf leather case and luxurious suede leather lining. Vertu has collaborated with Hasselblad for the refinement of the Aster camera. That’s how the Hasselblad-certified 13 mp rear camera features a sapphire crystal lens and anti-reflection coating, while the front facing camera facilitates video calling.

Let’s not forget about the 4.7” full HD display, with a 473 ppi resolution and the 5.1” sapphire crystal screen. Please note that this limited edition smartphone will only allow 50 users to enjoy its exclusivity.

Aster Yosegi Wood

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