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Velvet Sofas and Loveseats by Coleccion Alexandra

By Adrian Prisca


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Destined for posh, elegant and upper-class interiors, the Coleccion Alexandra comprises modern sofas and loveseats of a unique style, covered in velvet. This refined, exquisite material is one of the few on market that can simultaneously attract people with its elegance and comfort.

Velvet is a material that can express the comfort it assures just by looking at it; there is no need of even interacting with it. It lets out an incredible feeling of luxury, coziness and pure beauty. This inspirational material has been used since ages ago, and used to be worn be women, as incredible dresses, to enhance their delicacy and finesse.

The pieces from this collection are crafted in such a way that it is impossible to not be desired by their occupants. They may fit as superb decorations or cozy rest-spots. Some of them have a retro look, adding some mystery; they can be compared to the old-time restaurants.

Or, if the feeling of love arises in any of its future occupants, they are the perfect support for showing the one beside you how much you love him/her.


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