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The Vanguard Roadster Takes The World By Storm

By Victor Baker


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There’s a new kid on the block in the two wheel universe, a New York-based company called Vanguard Motorcycles, that’s slowly planning to take over the world with their innovative bikes. Vanguard has unveiled its first bike at the 2016 New York Motorcycle Show, an impressive naked machine called Roadster, that’s built around an 117 cubic inch (1917cc) S&S v-twin engine, to make sure it stands out of any crowd.

The Vanguard Roadster features a lot of shiny metal, specifically aircraft grade aluminum, covering up anything from the giant triple clamps back to the monstrous single-sided swingarm and the curved aluminum wheel at the back. The motor has been tweaked as well, to fit into this ravishing design, with a custom cradle that looks like it’s hugging the engine in full harmony.

The single-seat tail unit is pretty thin and benefits from minimal seat padding, allowing us to dream about a ride through the stars, hopefully in complete comfort. Other interesting details are the exhaust, which has been fully integrated, and the dash that was replaced by a tablet-sized color screen, which also provides images via a rear-facing camera, thus replacing the classic mirrors.

Ohlins handled the riding experience on the Vanguard Roadster, while the headlights are probably LED-based,so futuristic is definitely one word you could use to describe this bike. The light concept is set to cost US$29,995, but you’ll have to wait until 2018, if you want to park the Vanguard Roadster in your driveway.

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