Valedictorian is the ultimate performance and luxury putter

Designed and assembled by enthusiasts and lovers of golf, the Valedictorian is the ultimate in the field. This state of the art putter was created and crafted right out from the imagination of three talented and complementary founders – two of them are accomplished watch designers while the third is a watchmaker.

Combined, they share in excess of three decades of experience in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Their latest achievement is this incredible putter, the ultimate toy for golf enthusiasts and alike.

The putter can be personalized and customized according to the individual tastes, therefore resulting in one of the most exquisite putters ever produced by Valedictorian. The putter, a limited edition piece, was crafted from stainless steel and boasts with more than 100 rubies on the pin which connects the mallet head with the neck.

According to Valedictorian, just 9 putters will be manufactured. They feature cabretta genuine  leather with red stitchback grips with black alligator head cover. In addition, Valedictorian works not only on limited editions, but also on small ranges of unique stunners. The brand is reportedly able to customize diamond settings and engravings to even the wildest of dreams and choices.

Even the putter you got at home can be dressed up  and customized with Steel 304L; Gold3N; Gold 4N;Gold 5n – rubies or diamonds.