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The extraordinary Hippocampus clock by Miki Eleta

By Adrian Prisca


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I don’t even know how to start this – perhaps because these pictures display an object that appears to be fantastic, something related to imagination. It was manufactured by Zurich-based watchmaker Miki Eleta, an accomplished creator of kinetic sculptures.

The entire experience that Eleta has been accumulating along time was focused towards this exceptional timepiece. It was officially unveiled at the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery and was dubbed the Hippocampus.

The Hippocampus clock makes use of a custom-manufactured escapement set in action with a sea-horse-shaped anchor. In fact, this amazing piece is just one out of the 6 similarly wonderful contraptions that Eleta’s imagination has produced so far, on display at the MB&F Gallery. Standing 2.8 meters high, the clock is an architectonic marvel, including unique musical movement.

he respective musical movement includes a melody that doesn’t repeat itself over a century – utterly amazing! No wonder the Swiss designer has learned everything he knows by himself, and went from mistake to success and efficiency.


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