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Simon Firullo’s Paradisi Furniture collection

By Adrian Prisca


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Having founded the brand known as Paradisi, designer Simon Firullo has recently manufactured and released an entire collection of luxury furniture to fit opulent homes, superyachts, hotels, offices and all sorts of properties belonging to the rich and famous.

Although his brand is specialized in the development and manufacture of exclusive furnishing and products from all sorts of top notch materials and carbon fiber, this technology doesn’t come cheap, not is it something we see all day long – the materials he uses are sourced from Formula One, NASA or Aerospace.

It is pretty much clear that there isn’t anything on the market, today, to be near as nice and staggering as this collection. Some describe it as prevision art and they are entirely right. It is precision art, but with a strong touch of exquisiteness. Although they seem quite fragile, these pieces of furniture are in fact stronger and lighter than steel. Paradisi has had to use CAD software in order to design the collection, as it implies zero hand finishing.

In fact, that is the same software that stands at the base of the Eurofighter Typhoon. Furthermore, each and every piece was individually machined on the latest CNC milling machines.

There’s absolutely no worry to feel towards these exquisite masterpieces, as the materials they-re crafted from are entirely resistant to wear and tear – polished carbon fiber, exotic leathers and machined aerospace-grade titanium. What’s even more interesting and important at the same time, Paradisi currently accepts commissions for furnishing, jewelry, sculpture, even large-scale installations and many more.


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