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Triumph Rocket 3 Comes With Two New Surprises: the Roadster and Grand Touring Editions

By Vlad Craciun


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The newly launched Triumph Rocket 3 comes in two new exciting flavors: R and GT. The R stands for Roadster and GT for Grand Touring, the two new models that continue the legendary line of the British motorcycle manufacturer. The roadster combines amazing torque, control and capability while the grand touring brings a cruiser-like combination of comfort and performance.

Both models keep the muscular stance of the original Triumph Rocket 3 and its 2,500 cc engine – the largest production motorcycle engine, able to deliver 165 horse power and 221 Nm of torque. The advanced technology enhances the riding experience. Both models come equipped with ABS and traction control, four riding modes (road, rain, sport and a custom one), hill hold control and cruise control.

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While the two new Triumphs are the same in most aspects, there are a few notable differences, with the most important one being the handlebars. The roadster comes with your usual roadster style handlebars, while the GT comes with a shape that’s better suited for touring many miles. Also, it’s got a wide range of luggage and accessories.

Among other features, there are those distinct twin LED headlights, the superb 3-header exhaust run and 20 spoke cast aluminum wheels. Optional features include the seat setup, so you can opt for a single seat instead of the twin version. The two models also have hidden folding pillion footrests.

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