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The New V888 Aston Martin: No, it’s not a Supercar, it’s a Super Kitchen

By Vlad Craciun


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Yes, you read that right. A kitchen. The new V888 Aston Martin kitchen by Formitalia. It’s an interesting take on what a kitchen should really look like. Elegant enough to lift up your mood and posh enough to make leave everyone’s jaws on the floor when stepping inside. After all, it’s among the most important parts of a real home.

But why Aston Martin you might ask. The Italian Formitalia luxury group had a collaboration with the legendary British luxury car maker Aston Martin and decided to show off their vision for a true luxury kitchen by combining their experience with the fine artistry of the iconic sports car manufacturer.

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The kitchen was completely handmade in Italy from refined materials only and it showcases a rich and deluxe lifestyle. The V888 Aston Martin comes with a tailor made island with remote controlled sliding top.

The benchtop is crafted form gray marble and the countertop from Canaletto walnut wood. Cuoio leather enriches the sides and the details of the lacquered storage drawers, while titanium feet complement the entire island.

The wall cabinet is large and spacious, equipped with the latest and greatest, and features blockboard wood and Canaletto walnut veneer with leather sides. Metal detailing comes in an elegant titanium finish. Among other features, there’s a bar and pantry, with two wide drawers, inner worktop of the same gray marble as the island benchtop, plus a practical glass holding rack.

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