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TouchTunes Virtuo Smart Jukebox by Frog Design

TouchTunes Virtuo Smart Jukebox

Frog Design is the company responsible for creating this amazing and smart jukebox called Virtuo for the bar and restaurant entertainment company TouchTunes Interactive Networks. This cool jukebox has a beautiful design and a modern, intuitive user interface just like an iPad.

The Virtuo Smart Jukebox features a multifaceted touchscreen that lets users easily browse and search through music catalogs aiming to free users from interfaces and make the overall experience really engaging. This jukebox will surely become a focal point of social interaction and a conversation piece in any venue and it can be fully customized to match the venue’s design.

According to its creators, the Virtuo will redefine entertainment and change the way media and content are consumed, being a SmartJuke for a smart audience. It builds on current interaction behaviors and converges them with iconic industrial design.

A LED array that sits above the screen of the jukebox and the ambient lights from will get everyone’s attention. The modern jukebox also features a built-in camera and, using contextual data for all songs, users can search by lyrics and explore songs in a 3D contextual web that links genre, technology, influences and geography.



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