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1810 English Globe Writing Desk from M.S. Rau Antiques

By Adrian Prisca


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M.S. Rau Antiques is now offering for sale a very rare 1810 English Globe Writing Desk for a staggering price of $98,500! This extremely rare desk is a delightful collector’s item and it was crafted by the highly respected firm of Morgan & Sanders for the English Regency.

The 1810 English Globe Writing Desk has a flawless construction and an outstanding design, crafted from mahogany and featuring classically inspired gift bronze ornaments and inlays of luxurious ebony. Looking like a vintage writing service desk, this globe-shaped antique is extremely beautiful but also really functional, opening up to reveal small drawers and compartments.

Imagine how it would feel writing your own papers on this magical desk. Three sections of the ivory handled drawers and arched compartments are veneered in maple and feature gift-accented Doric columns, and the writing surface of the desk is lined with leather and extends from a pull out slide.

The Antiques company also has other globes and extremely rare items that might go up to $125,000.

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