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The beautiful Pimalai Resort in Koh Lanta, Thailand

By Adrian Prisca


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Pimalai Resort

The luxury Pimalai Resort is located well distant from the crowded beaches and other boutique resorts on Koh Lanta, Thailand in a perfect setting where peace, serenity and solitude are the first words that will come to your mind. This exclusive beach resort combines all the right ingredients, subtle five star accommodations, amazing surroundings, environmental friendliness and lots of space.

The only sound you will hear in this peaceful resort is that of the waves sliding in and out and slowly breaking into the sandy beach, probably the best sound you’d ever want to hear. The Pimalai resort was built within the lush tropical forest as it meets the silver ocean stand.

It occupies 100 acres of tropical vegetation with direct access to a 900 meters stretch of pristine sandy beach and offers 121 modern and luxurious accommodation units: deluxe, bayfront deluxe, pavillion suite, beach villas and pool villas, all very elegantly designed.

It takes about 1 hours to arrive at Koh Lanta and to the resort by boat from the Krabi mainland but it’s all worth it to find this hidden paradise in Thailand.


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