Tommy Hilfiger Convinces Rafael Nadal to show off his abs

Ladies, you’re in a for a treat! Tommy Hilfiger has just welcomed Rafael Nadal into the world of fashion, as the Spanish tennis champ has recently become the new face (and body) of the brand’s new underwear collection.

Definitely one of the greatest of the greatest tennis players of all time, Nadal has agreed to strip down for Tommy Hilfiger’s underwear and tailored clothing range in a couple of photos and videos that will surely get everyone excited. He signed a two year endorsement deal with Tommy Hilfiger, which means we’re probably going to see a lot more campaigns like this one in the near future.

Tommy Hilfiger and Rafael Nadal have also presented TH Bold, a new signature scent for men who want to be bold and successful, just like Nadal. The renowned tennis player has been a long time friend with Tommy Hilfiger, that’s why he was really excited to work alongside him for this impressive campaign.

Rafa was the perfect guy for the job, embodying an effortless sense of style that reflects Tommy Hilfiger’s spirit – he’s confident, he’s fun, he’s uber cool and he’s real, as the American brand shared their thoughts about this campaign. I’m sure this incredible endorsement deal will only increase Nadal’s and Hilfiger’s fan base.