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Tie The Knot with this charming jewelry collection from Boodles

By Victor Baker


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British fine jeweler Boodles has recently unveiled ‘The Knot’ – a new gorgeous jewelry collection inspired by the delicate intricacy of a traditional sailor’s knot. With clean lines that wrap and intertwine, each piece of this gorgeous collection is crafted from 18k white or gold.

On top of these beautiful shapes there are encrusted diamonds, which remind us of the sea spray glistening in the sunlight, with every piece drawing its charm from the ancient symbolism of ‘the knot’.


In ancient times, the knot represented love, affection and friendship as two independent paths become strengthened in their unity. The Knot blends this beautiful, romantic theme, with a nautical style that’s all about strong bonds, that’s why we really think this jewelry collection is perfect for your significant other, especially if you want to tie the knot.

Boodles has already unveiled other interesting collections, like Blossom, Raindance or Roulette, but The Knot is a step further, offering feminine, chic and modern designs that are as bold as they are interesting. Launched in showrooms next month, The Knot will consist of lovely earrings, stylish rings, pendants and exquisite bangles as well.


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