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Superb Jesus Villa is Ibiza is up for the grabs

By Victor Baker


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Jesus Villa

Visiting Ibiza, Spain, should be on everyone’s bucket list but owning a stunning villa on this incredible island might sound like a dream for most of us. But everything’s possible if you have the right amount of money, even owning a luxurious villa like this one, nestled in the charming little village of Jesus, Ibiza.

Located on top of a hill, this extraordinary mansion offers excellent views of Ibiza, sitting on a massive 75,347 Sq. Ft. of private land, where 21,528 Sq. Ft. is occupied by the lavish villa itself. In this impressive living area, you will find 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and a fabulous reception hall, with various areas to relax and a majestic staircase leading to the upper floors.

Jesus Villa

With two levels at your service, this wonderful villa from Jesus comes with several living rooms and private terraces from where you can enjoy the gorgeous views. There are even two large dining rooms and two different kitchens: one for the winter and one for the summer, plus several reception rooms with fireplaces and bars.

The swimming pool, gym and sauna might be the cherry on top of the sundae that this house really is, although the dreamy relaxing areas and the manicured gardens outside beg to differ. The luxurious mansion also comes with a full staff that will cater to your needs, day and night. The staff living quarters are independent and so is the ample garage.

You can buy this breathtaking villa from Ibiza for €17 million or a little over $19 million.

Jesus Villa


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