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Tom Ford’s Ideas for Men Take Over Fall / Winter 2017

By Victor Baker


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Tom Ford FW 2017

In case you were wondering what you should wear this fall or winter, Tom Ford might have the best answer for all men out there. The renowned American designer is usually associated with ultra flashy collections, but in these last couple of years his brand turned out menswear that could be considered elegant, timeless and possibly understated.

For the Fall/Winter 2017 season, Tom Ford drew inspiration from the laid-back style of Richard Gere in American Gigolo – not my favorite movie of all times, to be sure, but the 1980s style has always been a go-to direction for me. Ford proposes this year tonal dressing, with suits, coats, shirts, and ties all worn in coordinating hues. It all looks neutral, yet carefully considered and chosen to look vivid.

Tom Ford FW 2017

These tonal looks put out a cool and confident vibe, something that all fashion designers try to achieve nowadays, but most of them usually end up failing. If you take a closer look at Tom Ford’s latest creations you could see that the beauty is in the details, with bespoke textures and combinations, like a finely pinstriped anthracite suit layered with a heather-gray cotton-flannel shirt and wool tie, and many other goodies.

Oddly, all these monochrome variations don’t look boring to me, even though I’m a big fan of color. I guess I was probably seduced by the taupe suede balmacaan overcoat, matched by a taupe silk suit, shirt, and knit-silk tie. The exquisite details involved in this collection might go unnoticed by others, but Tom Ford definitely knows what he’s doing.

Tom Ford FW 2017

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