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RAAS Devigarh Will Make You Feel Like The King Of The Castle

By Victor Baker


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RAAS Devigarh

Well, sort of. This mesmerizing 18th-century palace, nestled on the rolling Aravali Hills in North Western India, is easily one of the most enchanting getaways in India, and why not, the whole world! A breathtaking former refuge for Maharajas, RAAS Devigarh is now a picture-perfect retreat that aims to offer anyone a royal experience, allowing guests to feel just like an Indian prince or princess during their stay here.

Devi Garh went through an impressive renovation process during the 90s, which took nearly 15 years to complete and restored this 18th-century palace to its former glory, while adding some much needed modern amenities. The entire place has been converted into a spectacular all-suite luxury hotel and resort, complete with a lavish spa and Ayurvedic retreat, expansive courtyards, charming white marble finishes and semi-precious stone detailing.

If you ask us, RAAS Devigarh looks like the ideal place to shoot a new Bollywood production, or at least feel like you’re part of one. Add in the fact that this 5-star retreat is also pretty close to many other extraordinary cultural and historical landmarks, like the Rajput palaces, Jianist temples and several walled fortress, and we’re sure you will have the time of your lives here.

RAAS Devigarh

The lavish suites at RAAS Devigarh will certainly overwhelm you with their bright and minimalist decor, that’s beautifully complemented by luxurious details and incredible views of the lovely town of Delwara. Ranging from 490 square foot Garden Suites, boasting a superb white and green marble décor, to the impressive 1,200 square foot Devi Garh Suite, that comes with a semi-private black marble pool, grand furnishings and intricately carved archways, all suites will make you want to stay forever.

And if staying in all day long isn’t relaxing enough, you could always visit the hotel’s amazing spa, where a wide range of luxurious Ayurvedic treatments will prove to be a real treat for your senses. Of course, there’s also an elegant restaurant on-site, with a wonderful terrace, plus several private dining areas, and a cozy bar, that might be the cherry on top of this awe-inspiring experience in North Western India.

The only thing that’s left to do right now is to book a plane ticket to Udaipur, get your visa, and prepare yourselves for the ultimate vacation!

RAAS Devigarh

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