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Tom Ford Takes Care Of James Bond’s Attire in Spectre

By Victor Baker


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Talking about the lifestyle choices of James Bond is a long discussion, but one thing’s for sure: Tom Ford is a powerful force in the MI-6 agent’s effort to hypnotize. After Quantum of Solace and Skyfall, the American fashion designer will work his magic once again for the renowned British super spy in the upcoming Bond movie, Spectre.

The uber cool, talented and – dare we say it – handsome Daniel Craig returns as Mr. Bond and keeping in line with Bond’s eye for detail and elegance, Tom Ford has teamed up with costume designer Jany Temime to work on a set of six tailored outfits for Bond, which were handmade in Italy.

The stylish and discreet looks designed by Tom Ford for Spectre will include a black gabardine coat, a lovely striped two-piece Windsor suit, an O’Connor waistcoat, a Day shirt accessorized with a tie bar, “Dr. No cuffs” as well as ivory silk pocket square and Hugh sunglasses.

The famous British spy will also be showing off a nylon quilted cardigan jacket with ribbed knit sleeves and gunmetal embellishments, plus some fancy gabardine twill ski pants, an ivory viscose faille dinner jacket from Windsor, blakc evening trousers from O’Connor, a black satin cummerbund and a black silk grosgrain bow tie as well.

For a character that’s constantly battling enemies and seducing sexy damsels in distress, this agent seems to be wearing way too much clothes, isn’t he? Who will ever notice the gray pinstripe two-piece single-breasted O’Connor suit and the navy blue cashmere herringbone Crombie coat, or the blue Prince of Wales two-piece single-breasted O’Connor suit and the 2 Day shirt in blue cotton poplin? The ladies definitely will and there’s no question about it: Bond is always a good role-model for every man as well when it comes to fashion.

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