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SevenFriday Have Finally Released A New Collection: V-Series

By Victor Baker


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SevenFriday V-series

It has finally happened: SevenFriday have introduced a new watch collection. Dubbed as the SevenFriday V-Series, this new addition to the SevenFriday family features a completely different shaped case, with two left side protrusions, housing a simple-but-smart Fast Strap Change system, that make this watch truly special.

The case of the SevenFriday V-Series is also far more refiend, with high polished bevels and a straight-grained glass surround, as well as an anti-reflective treated domed mineral glass and a more traditionally shaped dial.

What’s really interesting is that this watch also features an NFC chip, which can be loaded with information: it could be used to open doors, store personal details of the wearer, and even carry digitized travel documentation. At the moment, the brand are using the NFC chips just to verify authenticity, although we’re not really clear on how that works, yet.

SevenFriday V-series

The dial and time display of the SevenFriday V-series is also different; there’s a day/night indicator, a small seconds indicator, multiple finishes and colors, four levels on each dial and 12 applied galvanic elements to boot. They’ve even added a new “complication” which may prove difficult to read time at first, but you’ll soon appreciate it for its outstanding looks.

SevenFriday’s aim was to evoke thoughts of industrial essence, revolution, and engines – they have, in my opinion, succeeded rather well. With the release of the V-Series, this ingenious brand has taken the first steps away from their tried and tested case shape.

There will be two new models available, namely the SevenFriday V1/01 and the SevenFriday V2/01. The only difference is in style; both have a 40-hour power reserve and use the Miyota 82S7 calibre, and both will set you back CHF 1,055.

SevenFriday V-series


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