Titan Has Created Zeus – The World’s Largest TV Screen

Titan is an independent British screen manufacturer that’s really making waves with the gargantuan Zeus, an incredible 370-inch TV.

It’s hard to picture just how large this 32 by 15 foot screen actually is and even more difficult to find a living room where it could fit. One could imagine it being used outside, though – and you wouldn’t even have to do a lot of imagining, either. Just go to Cannes, where of these screens will be placed on top of Le Grand Hotel and show games from the World Cup. And while large projection screens have been used for a long time now, this is an actual panel, boasting an amazing 4K resolution, four times more pixels than the average 1080P HD TV.

The Titan Zeus is priced at a whopping $1.6 million – and if you’re wondering who would pay that kind of money for a TV screen, well…you’ll have to wonder some more, because the buyer has chosen to remain anonymous. You might be able to find him with Google Earth, though – just wait till the thing is turned on.