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Tingest Leaves Room For No Excuses

By Victor Baker


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Have you been working out today? That seems like a silly question to ask, since it is extremely good for your health to work out or at least do some sort of exercises every day. Tingest has just made things easier, leaving most of us with no excuses, as the Swedish design studio has revealed the ultimate training equipment for your stylish home.

The first collection of workout gear includes bespoke dumbbells, trigger point rollers, a hula-hoop, a training bag and some lovely kettle bells – more than enough to get your pump on. The company’s founder, Alexander Lervik, has stated that the vision for this collection was inspired by the idea of a stylish and functional equipment, matching any beautiful decor.

A good exercising habit has an incredible impact on people’s daily lives, but not any room can be filled with bulky equipment; some of us still have taste – hence the need for these Scandinavian-designed objects.

Should we focus on the sophisticated, yet useless names, the creators of this collection came up with for each item? I think we shouldn’t bother, although the Tyngdlyftaren marble dumbells seem like a proper way to workout. Please note the simple, minimalist design, fully capable of seducing anyone that comes across this collection.

The Gymnasten bamboo hula-hoop even comes with a leather wall hook so you could hang it on any wall easily, while the Linten wooden bench includes a padded leather seat, perfectly fitted to welcome guests within the entrance hall of your home. I guess we’re all set; so, what are you going to start with?


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