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This Spectacular Notting Hill Home is Looking for a New Owner

By Victor Baker


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Notting Hill Home

Some of you might remember the British rom-com hit featuring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. I’m sure we’ve all watched it, at least a few times, and loved every second of it! But Notting Hill is all real and it’s been always one of London’s most beautiful and sought after areas, with iconic pastel-colored houses and a thriving market on Portobelllo Road.

If you’ve always dreamed about moving here, you’re in for a real treat today, as one of the most stunning homes in Notting Hill has been recently listed for sale at a staggering £25 million (US$35.4 million). Sure, it might sound like an outrageous sum of money for most of us, but if you take a closer look at the gallery below you will easily understand it’s worth every single penny, and then some.

Built between 1849 and 1864 by Francis Radford, this charming West London mansion sits within a private community in Notting Hill, surrounded by wonderful gardens. The historical house retains much of its original charm, thanks to its stucco fronted, Italianate architectural style and restored ornate crown molding.

Notting Hill Home

Inside this mansion several contemporary finishes have made their way through, including a state-of-the-art kitchen with sleek Balthaup cabinetry and an Agape freestanding soaking tub in the master bathroom. But there’s more to this home than that, with upgrades to the property also including a Crestron system, underfloor heating and more.

Covering 13,327 square feet of luxurious living areas, across eight bedrooms and a total of 13 bathrooms, this lavish home welcomes owners with numerous fireplaces and plenty of outdoor space on terraces, balconies, and gardens. A small gym and a lovely sauna and steam room are also ther, but it’s the car elevator that will make any man’s day. Are you ready to move to Notting Hill?

Notting Hill Home

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