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This Spectacular Full-Floor Apartment in Manhattan Was Listed for $29 Million

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66ninthave 6thfloor apartment

Taking over the entire sixth floor of a charming brick building in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, this gorgeous 15-room apartment is defined by a sophisticated uptown style, with modern amenities and incredible views of the city turning this residence into a dream home for just about anyone who wants to live in this upscale district of Manhattan.

This property might listed for sale at a staggering $29 Million, but once you take a closer look at these photos and find out more details about this lavish residence, you will understand why it’s worth every single penny.

The 5,444 square feet residence before you was once a smaller, multi-floor unit, but after an intense 18-month remodeling process it’s now spreading over a full floor, with five bedrooms, six bathrooms and one powder room, built to stand out against anything else in NYC’s market for luxury homes.

66ninthave 6thfloor apartment

As you get inside this apartment you can easily see that no expenses have been spared. The door itself cost approximately $40,000, a 200-pound entry blending brass, iron and rose bronze in a striking design. The interiors include herringbone wood flooring with brass inlays, hand-painted wall coverings and bespoke furniture pieces. Even the windows have been specially designed for this property, with 11 layers that turn this apartment into a silent retreat from all the noise in New York.

Since this residence is taking up a full floor of the building, it offers scenic views of the city from all its sides, but it also has a decent-sized corner terrace where you might want to spend all day long. The apartment is also a true “smart” home, equipped with a state of the art smart home system called Savant, that will allow future owners to control lighting and music in each of this home’s rooms.

Speaking of music, this stunning residence also comes with a top-of-the-line audio system that has been fine tuned by an expert audio technician for three weeks. Add in the modern kitchen, cozy relaxation areas and its unique position in Manhattan’s posh Meatpacking District and you start to get a picture why this apartment is priced at $29 million.

66ninthave 6thfloor apartment

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