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This Extraordinary Penthouse In Burj Khalifa Could be Yours

By Victor Baker


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Burj Khalifa Penthouse

Found right in the heart of Downtown Dubai, on one of the top floors of the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, this one-of-a-kind apartment looks way more beautiful than any of us has ever imagined.

It’s probably one of the most incredible properties ever listed for sale in Dubai, offering an incredible living area of 665 m2 or 7,161 Sq Ft, with four spectacular bedrooms, five bathrooms, a wonderful living room and a state-of-the-art designer kitchen.

But what should really get your attention right now are those incredible views of the Dubai Fountains and the surrounding  skyscrapers of Downtown Dubai that probably justify every single penny of the 50,000,000 AED (or $13.6 million) price tag.

Burj Khalifa Penthouse

Those views alone could be more than enough to take your breath away, and if you add in the fact that you could enjoy them every day from the comforts of your own, private terrace, in Burj Khalifa, we’re sure you will understand this penthouse is totally unique.

It features high-end finishes and furnishings, and the luxurious appeal is complemented by a modern approach to interior decorations, with the dream of owning the rarest of units in one of the most prestigious buildings in the world becoming a reality right before your eyes. The question is: could you afford it? Like, ever?

Burj Khalifa Penthouse

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