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Form meets Function with the Gorgeous QTZ Concrete Edition

By Victor Baker


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QTZ Concrete Edition

Unveiled just in time for Design Miami 2016, this extraordinary furniture collection is called the QTZ Concrete Edition and it comes from the Hungarian manufacturing company IVANKA. On display in Miami for the very first time, the QTZ collection was designed by Alexander Lotersztain in celebration of design culture and commerce.

The beautiful shapes in this new collection were inspired by the naturally occurring forms and crystallization process of quartz, with the four-element modular seating collection including a table, footrest and the latest QTZ lounger without headrest, that’s perfect even for public spaces.

QTZ Concrete Edition

The QTZ collection is actually available in three different versions: beyond the basic, special mixtures and a limited-run line of aggregate surfaces with handmade deep grinding and finishing – each of them with its own shades.

The unique new-gen natural materiality and the strives to push the boundaries of the material to new levels is what makes this concept totally worthy of our attention. The evolution of QTZ in concrete focuses on contemporary urban element typology and humanity’s need for stability and timeless man-made creations.

QTZ Concrete Edition

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