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This Electric Shaver Concept is Inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador

By Brody Patterson


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Serbian designer Marko Petrovic already has an intriguing Lamborghini-inspired design under his belt, the Avenger vertical Tourbillon Watch. Recently, he has been working on a totally different project, while still using the work of the illustrious Italian carmaker as inspiration. This time, it’s the Electric Shaver Concept, inspired by the Lamborghini Aventador.

In addition to the sharp lines and an overall aggressive appearance, which are definitely reminiscent of the sports car, this unique electric shaver also features the distinctive air intakes found atop its engine compartment. The striking orange color is another signature Lambo characteristic, which goes really well with the black carbon elements. Finally, the bottom of the device consists of a specially designed battery which can be connected to a charger.

We don’t know anything about the actual capabilities of Petrovic’s Electric Shaver Concept. It seems it has been designed more as a brand identity booster than a practical product. It’s not unusual for high-end brands to also release products bearing their name for hardcore fans, and something like this just might be it for Lamborghini aficionados.


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