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This “Baby” Aston Martin DB5 Will Make Your Kids Feel Like James Bond

Aston Martin DB5 Junior 1

World experts in junior cars, The Little Car Company is back in our attention with a new extraordinary release. The specialist car brand from London recently teamed up with Aston Martin to create an incredible pint-sized version of the iconic DB5, a car that’s easily one of the most famous vehicles of all time.

The Bond-worthy Aston Martin DB5 Junior is actually a 66 percent scale model of the marque classic that’s roomy enough to hold both a child and an adult, while it goes at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour. It’s 3-metre long and 1.1-metre wide and it features so many incredible details inspired by the original car.

First, the DB5 Junior sports authentic Aston Martin inside-out and it comes with supple leather upholstery, replica Smith instruments and a superb mahogany and aluminum steering wheel. The hand built junior DB5 also comes with a functioning trunk, four wheel disc brakes, a double wishbone suspension up front and a live axle at the rear.  

Aston Martin DB5 Junior 2

The Little Car Company will produce this beauty in two iterations, one with a 5kw battery and the other one with a 10kw battery. They should have enough power for at least 20 miles of range, but if you want more, you can swap the battery for a fully charged one in seconds. Both versions will come with a modern regenerative braking system that should give you an extra boost when needed.

But because not all juniors are as skilled behind the wheel as James Bond, this car offers three driving modes: Novice, which keeps the power level low and allows them to travel only 30 meters away, Expert, that removes these limits and let’s you use all seven horsepower of the engine, and Race, which takes its performance to another level, in case you’re in for an impromptu competition. 

Hand built just like its larger siblings, the Aston Martin DB5 Junior will be produced in a limited run of just 1,059 units. It makes any other children’s vehicles pale in comparison, but unfortunately only some of the world’s richest kids might be able to get it, since it comes with an cool price point of $46,196. 

Aston Martin DB5 Junior 3


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